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A Manchester Cider Talk and Tasting - Ross on Wye Cider

Cider Tasting at Crown and Kettle, 7pm Friday 22nd March with Albert Johnson from Ross on Wye Cider

Provenance – Tradition – Sustainability – Innovation

Talk & tasting

Experience a talk & tasting like no other.

You will be greeted with a welcome cider from Ross-on-Wye, before settling down for an in-depth talk and tasting experience from the very best of Cider & Perry producers. There will be a minimum of six tastings of a diverse range of ciders and perries, with accompanying matched nibbles.

At only £15 (before Eventbrite fees) this is an absolute bargain. Samples will include varieties whose existence is now under severe threat and some of the most cutting-edge ciders in the world - from drinks rooted in tradition to Natural cutting-edge Ciders.

Cider and Perry Launch

There will be a mimimum of seven ciders and perries, including the two flagship 'Natural Ciders' C1 Fresh Press and Raison D'Etre, by Ross on Wye Cider and Perry. They will also be debuting one new Cider and one new Perry. This will be their first launch outside of their orchards village, Peterstow in Herefordshire.

Ross on Wye Cider and Perry

Report on 24 hours with Ross on Wye: # with Crafty Nectar

Ross on Wye Cider and Perry is an orchard-based cider maker from Herefordshire. Approximately 95% of their cider and perry comes from the cider apples and perry pears grown in unsprayed orchards on their farm. The remainder is made up of fruit hand-picked and brought to them by some of their friends - such as the renowned very rare variety of perry pear called Flakey Bark. The only mature trees in existence grow on May hill, and are maintained and collected for them by their friend Rob.

Ross on Wye are the 'spontaneous fermentation' experts, producing 'Natural Ciders' from wild yeast fermentation with no additives, just a lot of craft, combining both tradition and innovation.

They have an amazing terroir, a collection of some of the rarest apple and perry pear varieties they preserve in on their farm facing down to the River Wye. And they have a story to tell, about the new cider revolution that is beginning to bubble up around the world.

Who is it for?

From the cider newbie to the regular cider drinker, develop your knowledge and have your passion for cider kickstarted. Rethink your attitude to this most natural of drinks and contribute to the new cider revolution as we #RethinkCider.

If you like funky Natural Wines or if you prefer wild beers, Saison or Sours, Lambics or Brut IPA – come prepared to be excited – and challenged. Most of all, if you love cider!

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