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We are a pair of cider drinkers with the time on our hands to help promote cider in Mcr - click on the apple for our cider Manifesto

This is an in-ciders guide on where to find the 100% fresh pressed good stuff - from modern dry styles to craft beer inspired sour ciders.

It started with a Twitter conversation about places to find authentic cider and ended with a cider map of Manchester and now an extra cider map of Greater Manchester.

Article 1 - Confidentials Manchester

Article 2 - Confidentials Manchester

At Cider Buzz Mcr we love cider, we love it so much we've created these handy maps of all the bars, pubs and restaurants serving the proper stuff in Manchester city centre and Greater Manchester. The latter map also shows all the cider makers and community orchards in the area.


This traditional drink has long suffered from a terrible image, with people's experiences of festival rough scrumpy matched with the experience of industrial ciders made of carbonated water, additives, sugar and just over 35% fermented apple juice.

Less than a year ago Manchester was a cider desert, today it is only surpassed by London and Bristol as the centre of the new Cider Revolution.

Tell CiderBuzzMcr what you think about the recommendations and tell us of any ciders you have enjoyed, and where you found it


- and please use #RethinkCider to get involved and to tell the cider community what you want from it - it's your opinion that counts.

Follow Cider Buzz Mcr's natural cider and perry mission on Twitter: Cider Buzz Mcr @Ashton1848



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