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What is authentic cider?

First published in CAMRA 'beer buzz' - Winter 2019 Issue 1 - buzzing about beer, cider, pubs and breweries across Manchester, Salford and Trafford.

What is authentic cider?

CAMRA and its Cider and Perry wing have long campaigned to promote the merits of real cider, and a definition of real cider can be found on CAMRA’s website – with a list of ciders that unfortunately do not conform to that standard.

Sadly, British legislation is very poor when it comes to guaranteeing cider quality cider; only 35% of cider actually has to come from apple juice. As an example, in recent correspondence Carling Customer Services replied to James Finch @TheCiderCritic, disclosing that the juice content in Rekorderlig Premium Apple Cider is 36.4%.

CAMRA’s Cider and Perry wing has, therefore, welcomed a new body which campaigns for a 90% minimum juice standard, the Small Independent Cidermakers Association (SICA).

SICA believe that cider and perry should be made from fresh juice, not from concentrate. They are the first association of cidermakers to offer a National Quality Mark of there being at least 90% fresh apple juice in ciders and at least 90% fresh pear juice in perries. This translates into the highest quality drinks with a fascinating range and depth of flavours. Cider from fresh apple juice never from concentrate. Cider makers who have publicly signed up to SICA include Udders Cider from Huddersfield and Hallett’s cider.

Central Manchester CAMRA recommend that members look out for the SICA quality mark when they make their cider choices.

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