The King of Cider Apples – the tale of a regal bittersharp with poise and balance

A Cider Pomona – a journey through apple types – the bittersweets, the bittersharps, the sweets and the sharps - and introducing some famous apple varieties. It’s about apples…It’s about cider…But mostly, it’s about people. No. 2 - Kingston Black, a bittersharp apple “Everything in one apple – massive tannins, big fruit. It’s all there.” James Marsden, Gregg’s Pit Why choose Kingston Black as our No.2 in this little Cider Pompna? Again the answer lies with Gabe Cook, aka The

#McrCiderClub - the amazing story of the rise of Craft Cider in Manchester

#McrCiderClub Meets on the second Thursday of each month, 7pm at The Crown and Kettle, M4 5FE. TICKETS will be advertised monthly in advance on The Crown and Kettle Facebook Events page & Eventbrite. Advance tickets only to those who attend previous club meetings. #McrCiderClub organisers are Nicky, Crown&Kettle – Joe, MossCider – Chris and Emma, Dunham Press Cider - Cath, Cider Buzz Mcr – Phil, @CiderCask – Steve, Beer Nouveau and Dick (personal capacity) Central Mcr CAMRA C

Along came a Cider – Manchester snapping at Bristol’s heels for ‘City of Cider’ crown

#Rethink Cider In September Cath Potter from Cider Buzz Mcr will qualify as Manchesters first Cider Pommelier. Here she tells us how Manchester is helping to lead a new Craft Cider Revolution. I was born in Manchester in the smog of the fifties; lived, studied, worked, retired here. Its with real pride I walk around modern Manchester and celebrate its diversity, unity and spirit of innovation. The tram into town usually leads us straight to the Northern Quarter, or at the wee

Join the Manchester Cider Revolution

Manchester Evening News, Friday May 24, 2019 Manchesters best cider bars and pubs ‘The Crown and Kettle’ home of the monthly #McrCiderClub has a wide range of Bag in Box and bottled ciders. ‘The Smithfield Tavern’ for Fine Ciders. ‘Brink’ for Dunham Press and other local ciders. ‘GRUB’ for ciders, streetfood and the annual ‘Cider Fete’. ‘Cask Ancoats’ for a range of ci